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Bulk and Singular Posting
Unlike other entities we welcome your data bulk posted. There is a process to add vehicles singularly once you login to However we do recommend that Dealers bulk post. This can be achieved by several methods: If your inventory is already being posted to other listing services, simply point them to Please Note: If you bulk post to please do not adjust your postings on the dodah website as these adjustments will disappear the next time your data is bulk posted.

How Bulk Loading Works
Once you have your vendor sending us data, that data will be loaded promptly into our system and will stay loaded for 30 days. There is no need to reload data. Reloading data will NOT alter the position of your postings. All new postings will have their chance at the top on any given search. Once a posting receives a "Click to View" that specific vehicle will lose a point and slip down one notch. The more a vehicle is clicked, the less priority it has. Do not click on your own listings as this will drive down the priority. If you need to view your listings then use your account manager tool.

Dealer Banner Specifications
The maximum dimensions for the dealer banner are 400px x 36px with a resolution of 96dpi. Only JPEG/JPG files will be accepted.

Recommended Vehicle Photo Specifications
It's recommended that all photos submitted via bulk posting are a minimum of 640 x 480 with a resolution of 72dpi. Only JPEG/JPG files will be accepted. Maximum file size per image is 3MB.

How do I make changes once my autos are loaded?
You can ONLY delete listings. Any changes must be done from your posting software. For example if you wanted to change the miles on one of your postings, you would change it first in the software that posted your original posting, then push it up to

How can I make an emergency change to one of my postings i.e. Wrong Price?
If there is a major issue with a given posting that requires immediate updating: Delete the posting, then make the change in your DMS or posting software tool, then push the changed data to

If I delete a specific listing or all of my listings and decide to repost the same listing(s) at a later time (within thirty days) will that refresh the priority points?
No. Once a posting is received by a specific dealer the priority system remains enforced.

How and when are priority points re-assigned?
If the auto is reposted again and more than 30 days has gone by since the original posting, the posting will receive a new priority, thus placing the listing back towards the top.

What happens if a dealer posts listings through the private party method?
If a dealer posts manually through the private party method then several triggers will be activated:
1: The listings will be deleted and an email will be sent to the offending dealer explaining the need for them to register with their local chapter of NIADA – the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association.
2: If the dealer continues to ignore this warning then the dealers name, contact phone and email address will be black listed permanently until such time they register with their local association as explained above.

How do I remove my account from
Login to your Dodah account then click on “disable account”.
Note: this will immediately remove all your listings.

How do I reinstate my account?
Visit or call your local association and ask them nicely to reinstate your account.

Am I permitted to place flashy HTML markup and other types of electronic markup inside my postings?
Other than your banner "which must be a static" (the specification can be found on your account manager) there is no support for any other mark-up. Any attempts to force this simply will not load and your postings will not be displayed.

How do potential customers get in contact with my dealership?
There is a "contact phone number" and "email address" within your account manager. You may disclose other contact info on your banner.

Explain to me Priority Points and how it effects my postings?
Priority Points are attached whenever a dealer lists a new posting. The new postings are given a priority point of one (1). Postings with a priority point of one (1) will generally be towards the very top of any given search, thus giving every posting a chance at the top.
Once a vehicle is "Clicked On" and the specific details and photos are exposed to the searcher, then at that point the specific posting will receive an increase of one Priority Point. The more points a posting accrues, the further the posting will move down the page. In plain English: The more your posting is viewed the more it moves down the page.

Dodah for Websites
The easiest way to add Dodah to your website is to embed the HTML below into your website.